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Best Hatchet

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best hatchetWhat is the difference between a hatchet and an axe? You use a hatchet with one hand, and swing an axe with two. In addition a hatchet usually has a flat head on one side that can be used like a hammer. Great. What does anyone need a hatchet for anyway? Well, there are numerous uses. First and foremost it is used for chopping wood. Not chopping down trees, but for cutting limbs off of trees and for splitting kindle. You can cut through bushes and vines, chop ice, field dress animals, defend yourself, film a horror movie, start a fire by sparking the hatchet against a rock, open a bottle of beer, open a locked door, you get the picture.

There is probably not a more useful tool for survival or camping than a hatchet. They are small enough to be kept in the trunk of a car or in a boat.

This particular hatchet is made by Gransfors Bruks. They hand-make the best hatchets and axes in the world, and have been doing so for over 100 years in Sweden. Each blade is marked with the Smith's initials once he is satisfied with its quality. The handle is made from hickory and the tool comes with a 20 year warranty.

This is the ideal gift to give for those who want to "bury the hatchet". That phrase, by the way, comes from the American Indian ceremony of literally burying hatchets as part of a peace making ceremony.

The difference in quality between this hatchet and one you would buy at a hardware store is vast. They are not painted like the hatchets you see at the local hardware store - that paint is used to hide imperfections in the forging. This hatchet doesn't need to hide anything. A simple tool, made by a master craftsman can become a work of art.